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Update - ***WE'RE STILL HERE***

(May 13, 2020)

Update - 13 May 2020

Just to update everyone that we are still here and working our butts off to try and get all the orders out quickly.

I have been informed that there are some comments on 'social media', we're not on it ourselves, about the length of time we are taking to ship orders, and that something 'smells'.

I'll address the 'smell' issue first. As most of you, but seemingly not all, are aware there is a bit of a pandemic going on at the moment and to maintain social distancing. I have discovered the best way to keep people 2 metres away from you is not to shower, but, I do shower about once a month, whether I need it or not :-)

Please be assured that every product we have on the website is either in stock or on order from the relevant supplier. We are currently getting about 60% of orders recieved shipped out within 24 hours. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic getting deliveries from suppliers is taking longer than usual. This is due to limited staff, busy couriers and the fact that our orders recieved are running at about 200% of this time last year, everybody I speak to in this industry is suffering the same problems.

We are trying to get our stock back up to pre pandemic levels but are selling it all before it comes in. We update customers if there is going to be a delay in shipping but cannot give any update on the status of there orders until the stock actually comes to us, then it is packed and shipped the same day. We then send you an e-mail saying it has been shipped. UK courier deliveries are usually 24-48 hours, mainland Europe is 10-14 days and ROW can take up to 4 weeks.

The couriers are prioritising essential deliveries, PPE, healthcare products, food, etc. so the bits for your old motorbike can take a bit longer.

So all I am asking for at the moment is, please, have some patience, any order you place with us will be completed, it is just going to take a little longer that usual. We are recieving orders from Yamaha, Honda etc virtually every day and orders are being shipped 1st in 1st out.

If any one wants to cancel an order, no problem, that will release parts for other peoples orders. Just let us know.

And finally don't go bleating over feckin 'social media' about how disgracefull it is that your spark plug being shipped to Ulaanbataar has taken longer than 3 days, it just makes you look foolish.

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